S3E39 - We have an (allegedly) very funny episode this week. We begin with us calling BS on long early voting lines, Alexandria has a bone to pick with Cardi B, George interviews his niece, Bella, to learn her thoughts on the upcoming election, in Audio Theater we present a Macbeth parody sketch, and Abigail hosts a Confession Session. (Airdate: 10/17/2020)



* Special thanks to Bella for joining us this week.

* For details on the upcoming outdoor Halloween sketch show in Atlanta check out Mighty Shorts.

S3E38 - This week's episode seems to have become a big therapy session. We begin with the news everyone is talking about: the President's coronavirus, Abigail responds to the Presidential Debate with an original song, "Stop Talking," TJ shares a list of things that make him nervous about fall, we explore the awkwardness of reading pop music lyrics to your mom, Alexandria and her husband have a big fight about breadcrumbs, and Abigail attempts to teach George how to sing. (Airdate: 10/10/2020)




"Stop Talking" 

Written & Edited by: Abigail Williams

Donald Trump: Sara Bresee

Joe Biden: Will Amato

Chris Wallace: Abigail Williams

S3E37 - We're back from hiatus this week! We begin by trying to process the craziest Presidential Debate in US history, TJ and Alexandria share the FPIK News, TJ attempts to interpret Abigail's dream, and Alexandria faces a Pop Culture Blind Spot when she watches Downton Abbey for the first time. (Airdate: 10/3/2020)



S3E36 - We're on hiatus this week but have an episode jam-packed with some of the funniest moments in the last two years. Alexandria has travel advice for Atlanta tourists, we explore TJ's dating life in Tinder Theater, we revisit the final installment of the twisted saga, The Twink Next Door, we interview a listener about her New Year's Eve, and TJ sits for a palm reading. (Airdate: 8/26/2020)

S3E35 - We're off again this week but have another hilarious Best Of episode for you. TJ creates his most controversial list ranking the cast of Sesame Street, George translates a testimony from a car accident in the Dominican Republic, Alexandria gives marriage advice, we interview Pilot Mike about his failed career as a server, and Will discovers (and attempts to cure) TJ's Lone Ranger Daddy Issues. (Airdate 9/19/2020)



* TJ's List: Season 1 Episode 11

* Caribbean Car Accident: Season 1 Episode 11

* Alexandria's Marriage Advice: Season 2 Episode 18

* Interview with Pilot Mike: Season 2 Episode 33

* Lone Ranger Daddy Issues: Season 2 Episodes 8 & 19

S3E34 - We are off again this week but have another Best Of episode for you. TJ presents his list of the worst Valentine's gifts, we pitch ideas for updated musicals, George takes his niece, Bella, to see Cinderella and is surprised by the new ending, we revisit the political Audio Theater production, "Nordstrom Return Policy," and TJ is thrown out of the doctor's office. (Airdate: 9/12/2020)

The Fun Nun

S3E33 - It's the best of the Funniest People I Know! George shares some of his favorite moments with our new cohost Abigail. George watches the Sound of Music for the first time in Pop Culture Blindspot, TJ calls Sprinkles Cupcakes as part of our ongoing investigation into the murder of Whitney Houston, we eavesdrop on a couple in church in the Audio Theater production "Mass Mistake", TJ presents parody holiday songs in the Writer's Graveyard, and Alexandria reads a passage from the romance novel Cinderella's Christmas Affair. (Airdate: 09/05/2020)




* Pop Culture Blind Spot: Season 1 Episode 9

* TJ calls Sprinkles Cupcakes: Season 1 Episode 17

* "Mass Mistake": Season 2 Episode 3

* Writer's Graveyard Carols: Season 1 Episode 15

* Cinderella's Christmas Affair: Season 2 Episode 35


Cinderella's Christmas Affair. Katherine Garbera. Sihouette Desire. 2003. 

S3E32 - It's our 100th Episode! We are celebrating with our very special guests, original co-hosts of the show, Lily Blackburn, Dewey McGeoch, and Will Amato, as well as our producer, Jane Boynton. George rants about the DC Fandome, we check in with Alexandria on her accountability challenge, TJ makes a list of his fondest memories from the last 100th episodes, and we make a HUGE announcement. (Airdate: 8/29/2020)



* This is our 100th original episode (not including rebroadcast episodes).

* Special thanks to our guests Lily Blackburn, Dewey McGeoch, and Will Amato.

* For more information on HaHa Hapeville, Dewey's outdoor standup at Arches Brewing in Hapeville, GA.

* Mighty Shorts Comedy

S3E31 - This week we present our first ever Part 2 episode where we continue discussions from E3S30: "Those Whores Walked so These Whores Can Run". We are joined once again by our very funny friend, Shakirah DeMesier, George wonders about places where people should NOT wear a mask, Alexandria dazzles us with her secret talent: turning any sentence into a song, we debate celebrities scents, and in a segment not for the faint of heart, we create the definitive Dirty Song Hall of Fame.



* The Dirty Song Hall of Fame:

Khia - My Neck, My Back

Cardi B & Megan Thee Stallion - WAP

- Nas - Oochie Wally

- 2 Live Crew - One and One

- Akinyele - Take A Lick

- Clarence Carter - Strokin'

* Special thanks to our guest Shakirah DeMesier. Check out her sketch comedy show, "Glitter Box," at Mighty Shorts Comedy





S3E30 - This week actor, writer, and director, Shakirah DeMesier joins us as we discuss Kamala Harris' historic VP run and Keke Palmer's fantasy View, Alexandria participates in an accountability challenge and reveals a secret talent, Shakirah shares a never-before-heard sketch in the Writer's Graveyard, and we dissect the song WAP by Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion. (Airdate 8./15/2020)



* Special thanks to our guest Shakirah DeMesier. Check out her sketch comedy show, "Glitter Box," at Mighty Shorts Comedy

* Check out the WAP video by Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion (warning: not for the faint of heart)


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