S3E29 - In this week's episode we discuss the President's TikTok ban, TJ lists his favorite must-see videos before the service ends, George shares a scene from an old screenplay in the Writer's Graveyard, and Alexandria challenges our knowledge in a game. (Airdate: 8/8/2020)

S3E28 - We are celebrating both Harry Potter and TJ's birthdays this week! In Hot Topics George stans for Ellen Degeneres as we dissect the rumors of workplace drama and we review the Emmy nominations and give our comedy picks. TJ takes the same cognitive test that the President was so proud to pass. (Airdate: 8/1/2020)




* Special Thanks to our funny friends Lily Naz, Daniel Annone, Coley Campany, Ashley Renee, and Brenda Lee for their birthday messages for TJ


* Montreal Cognitive Assessment Test

Anna Conda

S3E27 - This week we are joined by the hilarious improv actor, Freddy Boyd. In Hot Topics we discuss Mary Trump's tell-all book, Too Much and Never Enough, Kanye West's first campaign rally, and Nikki Minaj's baby announcement. Freddy and Alexandria take another deep-dive into the 90-Day Fiance franchise, we dissect the song "Genie in a Bottle," and TJ interprets our recurring dreams. (Airdate: 7/25/2020)




* Check out Freddy Boyd's upcoming virtual performances with Dad's Garage


* Christina Aguilera - Genie in a Bottle

S3E26 - Guest co-host Abigail Williams joins us again this week as we dissect the hottest topics on everybody's mind. George explores the Wayfair conspiracy, Abigail rebuts TJ's review of  the children's show, Tumble Leaf, Alexandria addresses the case of Lady A v Lady A, and we inaugurate the first members of our Karens Hall of Fame.(Airdate: 7/18/2020)



* Tumble Leaf

* Karen Hall of Fame nominees: 

Dallas Karen

Trader Joe's Karen

O. G. Karen, Kate Gosselin

* Special thanks to our guest co-host Abigail Williams.



S3E25 - In this week's episode TJ has a chip stuck in his throat, Kanye West announces he's running for President and it's got us all worked up, we debate changing the name of the Atlanta Braves, TJ reads a diary entry that attempts to process all of 2020, and we dissect the 1999 song, "What Would You Do?" by City High. (Airdate: 7/11/2020)



* "What Would You Do?" by City High, 1999

S3E24 - We are joined by the very funny Sara Bresee this week, George and Alex update us on how Covid-19 is affecting their lives, TJ tests Purell for other uses, Sara discusses her work in public health during the pandemic, and in honor of Spongebob's coming out we consider which other cartoon characters might be next. (Airdate: 07/04/2020) 

Sole or Hole

S3E23 - This week are joined by actress Sorrell Sanders, Alexandria has a beef with a name-changing one-hit-wonder, George shares public health advice for safe sex during the pandemic, we dissect the experience of watching the TLC reality series, 90-Day Fiancé, and we have an epic throwback Versus Battle between Elton John and Billy Joel. (Airdate: 6/20/2020)



* Special thanks to our guest Sorrell Sanders 

S3E22 - We've got a super fun episode this week. YA author Debbie Rigaud joins us and we talk to her about her new book with Alyssa Milano. We share our celebrity sighting stories, TJ reviews the children's TV show, Tumble Leaf, and we have our most challenging Versus Battle yet: Beyonce vs. Rihanna. (Airdate: 6/13/2020).



* Special Thanks to our guest, YA Author Debbie Rigaud (@debbierigaud) https://www.debbierigaud.com

S3E21 - We've got an extra special episode of FPIK for you this week. Guest co-host Abigail Williams joins us as we begin with a heartfelt discussion of the state of our union, then to lighten the mood, we ask TJ some conundrums, and we end with a hometown Versus Battle between Atlanta musicians Usher and TLC. (Airdate: 06/06/2020).

S3E20 - We've got some great funny in this week's episode. We are joined by actress, comedian, and personal trainer, Lily Naz who has been hard at work during lockdown, George travels even further down the Whitney Houston murder conspiracy, Alexandria and George try to help TJ prepare for a job interview, Lily shares health tips on battling the Covid 15 (or 50), and we attempt to settle a 20-year debate in this week's Versus Battle: Backstreet Boys vs. *NSYNC. (Airdate 5/30/2020)



* "The Murder of WHITNEY HOUSTON, Snitch and Bobbi Kristina" by Winford Salmon

* Atlanta Fringe Audio Festival - Armed and Dangerish

* Water Rhapsody

* Special thanks to our guest Lily Naz of Persist Fitness

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