S4E32 - We've got a great episode this week. Alexandria is laughing at Nicki Minaj's cousin's friend's testicles, George hosts a game of Seven Up, Abigail watches the Babysitter's Club, we find Bad Reviews of Ivy League universities, and finally we share our Confessions. (Airdate 9/18/2021)

S4E31 - In this week's episode Alexandria is inspired by Blue's Clues, George is laughing at Big Brother, we play a game of What's that Sound?, George reviews the new Cinderella movie, and Alexandria shares for the first time in the Writer's Graveyard. (Airdate 9/11/2021)



* Big Brother: "Everything Goes Wrong" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HL3BoiQVuwY

* Blue's Clues: "Message from Steve" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wZJCgLOcCt8


S4E30 - In this week's episode Abigail is laughing at raw meat in baggage claim, we play a game of Would You Rather?, Alexandria, the sage mage, gives listeners advice, Abigail watches Sex and the City for her Pop Culture Blind Spot Challenge and George imagines the lyrics of All That She Wants as a scene. (Airdate 9/4/21)

S4E29 - This week we're all laughing at the Nevermind lawsuit, we play another round of the Vanity License Plate Game, we go to bat in defense of some Misunderstood Villains, we dissect the theme song from the classic sitcom, "The Nanny," and for her Blind Spot Challenge Abigail watches the 2005 Oprah interview with Tom Cruise. (Airdate 8/28/2021)



* "Man photographed as baby on 'Nevermind' cover sues Nirvana." NBC News. August 25, 2021 

* Oprah interviews Tom Cruise (2005)

S4E28 - In this week's episode Abigail introduces us to a mashed potato mystery, Alexandria challenges us to a celebrity name game, Abigail visits Usher's Confessions album in her Pop Culture Blind Spot challenge, and George presents an unwedding sketch in the Writers' Workshop. (Airdate: 8/21/21)

S4E27 - This week we are joined by our very funny friend, comedian Sara Bresee. George spills celebrity gossip about Ross & Rachel, we rank horrible life experiences in Seven Up, Abigail faces her first Blind Spot Challenge, Sara joins us in a lyrical game of Actor's Worst Nightmare, and Alexandria reads another excerpt from a Selena Montgomery romance novel. (Airdate 8/4/2021)



* Special Thanks to our guest Sara Bresee.

* Montgomery, Selena. Reckless. Avon, 2008.

* Outkast. Stankonia, Sony Legacy, 2007.

S4E26 - This week George kicks off with a crazy story about a Spanish porn star, we play a game of Friend or Faux, Alexandria and George assign Abigail a list of Pop Culture Blind Spots, we answer the question Am I The Asshole?, and finally we share One-Star Reviews of college professors. (Airdate 8/7/2021)



* "Spanish Porn Star Charged with Reckless Homicide after Toad Venom Death" CNN.com March 19, 2021


* Abigail's Pop Culture Blind Spot Assignments:

Coyote Ugly

Usher's Confessions

OutKast Stankonia

Melrose Place

The Babysitter's Club

Tom Cruise on Oprah


S4E25 - This week Abigail offers Jeff Bezos the opportunity to give her a million dollars, we play a weird round of Kiss, Marry, Banish, we reimagined a couple problematic songs and Abigail performs a redux of Britney Spears' "Baby One More Time," we call out some historic Heres as Zeroes, and in Literature Corner we visit the classic, "Everybody Poops." (Airdate 7/31/2021)

S4E24 - This week we are joined by Lauren Barash and Lucas Scott of Mighty Shorts Comedy, Alexandria is detoxing, George warns folks about the worst wedding guests, Lauren shares either a sketch or a journal entry in the Writers' Graveyard, and Alexandria and Abigail have an epic Versus Battle: Coke vs. Pepsi. (Airdate: 7/24/21)



* Special thanks to Lauren Barash and Lucas Scott of Mighty Shorts Comedy.

S4E23 - In this week's episode George responds to listener feedback over his controversial stance about rollercoasters, we continue our debate over misunderstood miscreants, Abigail tests us at a game of True or False, we share one-star reviews of medical professionals, and George presents a scene based on an incident at the vet. (airdate 7/17/2021)

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