S3E45 - This week we are joined by the very funny actress and comedian, Sara Bresee. TJ thinks he has a coffee date with one of us, George watches the 1986 cult-favorite, Labyrinth, in Pop Culture Blind Spot, Sara Bresee leads a group of actors in the first FPIK Radio Improv, and Abigail makes George sing. (Airdate 11/28/2020)



* Thank you to our improv actors, Sara Bresee, Freddy Boyd, Courtney Overcash, and Bonita Elery.

* Watch Labyrinth Magic Dance

* Apologies to Journey for George's singing

S3E44 - We are joined this week by the funniest chef we know, Hans Rueffert. Abigail leads us in a ridiculous Thanksgiving game, Hans gives a food history lesson on croissants and answers questions about cooking Thanksgiving dinner, George presents a sketch in the Writer's Workshop, and we each share our gratitudes for 2020.



* Thank you to Chef Hans Rueffert for joining us. Watch Hans' cooking series, The Gesundheit Kitchen

S3E43 - We are joined this week by Atlanta's Funniest Comedian, Mark Kendall. Mark dissects the big twist on the most recent episode of the Bachelorette, George is cautiously optimistic about the Covid vaccine, we discuss Mark's popular video about Marta and Vanessa Hudgens, Alexandria is addicted to Downton Abby, and George recalls a childhood trauma when we read song lyrics to mom. (Airdate 11/14/20)



* Special thanks to our guest Mark Kendall. Check out Mark's weekly comedy show at Star Bar 

* Watch Mark's videos we discuss in the episode:

If MARTA came to Cobb County

Slave Plantation Ghost Tour

S3E42 - We're bringing the funny to election week. In this week's episode we react to the election countdown drama, TJ updates us on some state referendums, Abigail is over it with campaign mailers, we create negative ads about each other, and our friend, Will Amato, cheers us up after a long week with an original song, "Laughing Stock on Zoom." (Airdate 11/7/2020)

S3E41 - The Funny People are joined this week by writer/producer/director (and high school English teacher), Ashley Payne, TJ hates Daylight Saving Time, Alexandria reads an excerpt from the romance novel, Hidden Sins, by Selena Montgomery, we perform disastrous dating app conversations in Tinder Theater, and Ashley shares a sketch about a date gone bad. (Airdate: 10/30/2020)



* Special thanks to our guest Ashley Payne for joining us this week. 

Hidden Sins by Selena Montgomery (Stacy Abrams), HarperCollins Publishers 2006.

S3E40 - We have a frighteningly funny episode this week. We are joined by comedy writer, Evan Conaway. George addresses a strange new health trend, TJ and Alexandria present the FPIK Scary News Update, in the Writer's Graveyard, Evan shares a slasher parody sketch, and Abigail attempts to teach George another singing lesson. (Airdate: 10/24/20)

S3E39 - We have an (allegedly) very funny episode this week. We begin with us calling BS on long early voting lines, Alexandria has a bone to pick with Cardi B, George interviews his niece, Bella, to learn her thoughts on the upcoming election, in Audio Theater we present a Macbeth parody sketch, and Abigail hosts a Confession Session. (Airdate: 10/17/2020)



* Special thanks to Bella for joining us this week.

* For details on the upcoming outdoor Halloween sketch show in Atlanta check out Mighty Shorts.

S3E38 - This week's episode seems to have become a big therapy session. We begin with the news everyone is talking about: the President's coronavirus, Abigail responds to the Presidential Debate with an original song, "Stop Talking," TJ shares a list of things that make him nervous about fall, we explore the awkwardness of reading pop music lyrics to your mom, Alexandria and her husband have a big fight about breadcrumbs, and Abigail attempts to teach George how to sing. (Airdate: 10/10/2020)




"Stop Talking" 

Written & Edited by: Abigail Williams

Donald Trump: Sara Bresee

Joe Biden: Will Amato

Chris Wallace: Abigail Williams

S3E37 - We're back from hiatus this week! We begin by trying to process the craziest Presidential Debate in US history, TJ and Alexandria share the FPIK News, TJ attempts to interpret Abigail's dream, and Alexandria faces a Pop Culture Blind Spot when she watches Downton Abbey for the first time. (Airdate: 10/3/2020)



S3E36 - We're on hiatus this week but have an episode jam-packed with some of the funniest moments in the last two years. Alexandria has travel advice for Atlanta tourists, we explore TJ's dating life in Tinder Theater, we revisit the final installment of the twisted saga, The Twink Next Door, we interview a listener about her New Year's Eve, and TJ sits for a palm reading. (Airdate: 8/26/2020)

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